All business owners must define their personal responsibilities!

Every business owner should be aware that each business entity is unique. Management structures are typically based on the numerous peculiarities of the particular industry and their veritable identities in the market place.



Tony Visone - Max's Restaurants

"Vince Holland had been with me since day one when I purchased the Max's Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. My successful business experience was in the automotive business and I unequivocally needed someone with Vince' s vast and unique restaurant business experience to support me. He provided invaluable assistance to me by being my constant advisor in all aspects within the challenging restaurant business. I highly respect Vince and would recommend him to any restaurateur who may need his shrewd and expert advise."

Tony Visone
President, Max's Restaurants

Michael Fulgenzi - Landry's Restaurants

"I have known Vince Holland since he hired me for a General Manager's position with the Buccaneer Restaurant in Palm Beach Shores, Florida. Vince was the consultant for the absentee owners and with our tenacious efforts, we were able to turn this restaurant completely around from losing money to profitability. Additionally, we had received 3 and ½ stars from the Palm Beach Post and the Buccaneer was selected as Restaurant of the Year by the Florida Restaurant Association."

"I also joined Vince at the SEI Restaurant Group where he was the CFO and I was the Director of Operations. Vince also brought me with him as co-consultant to the Sailfish Marina Restaurant where he was the consultant for the non-restaurant owners who were planning to open a magnificent and prestigious waterfront restaurant on Singer Island in Palm Beach County. We totally organized and developed this new $7 million dollar restaurant and prepared it for success and long term longevity. Vince also stayed on with the new owner of the SEI Group and I accepted an executive management position with Landry's. Any restaurateur or investor who doesn't utilize Vince's unique and credible talents to help his business progress and gain profitability would be remiss."

Michael Fulgenzi
Landry's Restaurants, Inc.

Josh Murray - Sailfish Marina Restaurant

"Vince Holland served as our consultant for hiring staff, menu design, and for establishing the operating systems and procedures of The Sailfish Marina Restaurant. During this period we relied on Vince for establishing our sales, expense and profit targets as well as helping to define the overall style of the restaurant. Vince has a broad background in the restaurant business. He is honest, straightforward and a great source of knowledge."

D. E. "Josh" Murray
Former Partner/Owner
Sailfish Marina Restaurant

Kevin Dalgarno - Sam's Tavern

"I recently purchased a restaurant in Orlando, Florida and was introduced to Vince Holland after I had invested and restructured this well established local restaurant business. I believe that I would have benefited greatly from meeting Vince before I had invested and obtained his advice for my business. I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or investing in a restaurant business."

Kevin Dalgarno, Owner
Sam's Tavern, LLC


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