All business owners must define their personal responsibilities!

Every business owner should be aware that each business entity is unique. Management structures are typically based on the numerous peculiarities of the particular industry and their veritable identities in the market place.


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Vince Holland has over 40-years restaurant business experience - as a restaurant owner/operator, as a restaurant multi-unit manager, and as restaurant business consultant.  Actually, he has consulted for over 75-restaurant clients (list is available) which gives him a most unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenging and highly competitive restaurant industry.  Most recently, he was the CFO and Business Consultant (5-years) to the owner of Max's Grilles, a multi-unit $14 million revenue fine dining (2) and casual dining (3) restaurant chain in South Florida.

Vince knows what it takes to invest, own and/or manage independently owned restaurant businesses.  Although he has composed numerous restaurant articles that succinctly communicate his extensive professional insights and opinions on vital restaurant business matters, he has recently published his most effective ones.  Every person who plans to invest in or open a restaurant business should unequivocally read and digest Vince's professional convictions.   One cannot imagine the number of investors who had purchased a restaurant business, and then contacted Vince after the fact. In many instances, he could have readily saved those thousands and thousands of dollars and maybe even advised them to seriously consider not purchasing the restaurant in the first place. "In some situations, the best way to be in the restaurant business is to be a customer".

There are no restaurant books that can more concisely cover the innumerable intricacies and peculiarities of investing, owning and proficiently managing an independently owned restaurant - big or small - than Vince's incomparable Restaurant Business Brochure.  One out of four independently owned restaurant businesses close or change ownership within one year - three out of five in 5-years.  If one follows Vince's professional advice as to how to effectively open and manage a successful restaurant business, ones chances of success, maximum profitably and longevity will be greatly enhanced.

To "Talk With Vince" - and for a free consultation e-mail him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or phone him at 561-379-4623.

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